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Paper artist
Since childhood, Ana Paúl has been enchanted by paper. Whilst growing up, paper became her palette for changing moods and collage became her language.

The simplicity and possibility of paper as a medium has remained her life long fascination.The transformative quality of this humble yet noble material and the influence of Orientalism with its delicacy, mystery and use of colour underpins all her work.

Ana Paúl’s work plays with contrast – the linear and the curvaceous; nature and artifice; East and West. She explores the confluence of these opposites to create a harmonious balance.

Forests dominate her work and paper is used in a sculptural way to create an ethereal composition. The expression of colour plays a major role in bringing the forests to life.

The primeval connexion that trees have with the Earth and Universe is a constant theme in Ana’s works, continuously and consistently reinterpreted in different forms.

«I am captivated by forests and trees – their majestic beauty and primeval mystery. In a constantly changing and face-paced world which brings new challenges every day, trees provide a deep-rooted and enduring sense of protection and support.

The tree trunk and its roots represent stability, the branches suggest movement and the leaves remind us of ephemeral growth and seasonal change, illustrating both strength and fragility, permanence and renewal.

The natural formation of forests provides an almost architectural structure in which the trees provide order and direction whilst glades and clearings open up space for pause and reflection. The green canopy of tree cover creates a natural roof that offers shelter and safety. These ancient formations provide a space for escape and a place to regain balance and provide the perfect hideaway in our frenetic lives.

Entering the forest is a magical experience that stimulates the deep connection we, as humans, have with our planet and ourselves».

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