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Cristina Ilinca: Glass artist, born 1967, Bucharest, Romania.
While turning 40 I started to ask myself about the meaning of life (and of my life). This is the moment when I decided to change my career and to become a glass artist.
Although I am still searching the answers for those big questions now I am trying to address them also through art. Glass art mainly, but not exclusively. My life and my art are now one vivid journey: often difficult, sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding, but always surprising and wonderful.
Presently I am working as independent artist in my own studio.
I am living, working and dreaming in Romania.
Since the day I first thought of myself as an artist I have obtained an academic degree in art in Bucharest, Romania, I took independent classes in glass art, glass printing and ceramics (Frauenau, Germany -2009 and 2011, Corning, USA -2014, Tuscany, Italy -2014, Shenton,UK, 2015), I have worked with glass (blowing, casting, fusing, flameworking) and paper clay (raku sculptures), I met various artists worldwide and made some new dear friends among them, I went public with solo glass exhibitions in Bucharest (“Miracle of Life”, 2012; Flowing/Flissend -2013) and I took part in various group exhibitions, in Romania and abroad (Italy, Belgium, Germany, Republic of Moldavia, United Kingdom).
My credo is that there is no greater miracle, than the existence of life. For us, living entities, life is probable the most fortunate event that has been developed by chance, on our little planet, as peculiar fragment of the endless process of the cosmic swirl. I try to catch and reflect in my work the miracle of life and our amazement in front of it.

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