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Ferdinand de Lesseps :
Date of birth : June 25, 1957
Place of birth: Paris, France
Lives in Brussels, Belgium
1977-1978 Parsons School of Design, New York
1978-1982 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California
One Man Show:
Nov. 1994 “Portraits” Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
March 1996 “Contre-Jour” Vedovi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 1998 “Trésor du Nil” La Monnaie de Paris, France
March 1999 « X-Rays » Green Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
Group Shows:
1997, 1998 Fiac, Paris (Vedovi Gallery, Brussels)
1997, 1998 Art Brussels (Vedovi Gallery, Brussels)
Photography is a way of expressing one’s emotions and senses like a painter who controls light and paints with it. Photography is also a way of solving a new problem in a creative manner; therefore I try to explore all the options given to a photographer. In each o my shows I choose a different subject which lets me explore the different aspects of photography. I do not seek a standard approach and exploit it like many photographers do.
In the photographs of the show “Contre-Jour” I chose my subjects in a precise manner (flowers, leaves, shells, nudes) in a way to enhance their visual and emotional feelings. These photos are taken in an abstract way treating them like shadow plays by the lighting. This enables the viewer to look at objects that are part of our daily life in a different way and to admire the beauty of the lives that form them. “ Contre-Jour” took me to a new direction which was different from my previous work doing portraits and fashion photography.
In my show “X-Rays”, I stress the graphic aspect and structure of the photographs. I use x-rays of the human body as a light source, thus becoming a negative representing the window of lasting than others to time before decomposing and becoming one with the earth.
In my photos of Egypt one finds characteristic element of previous shows that use graphic aspects, strong contrasts, backlighting in order to emphasize the mysterious side of this country by underlining the difference of ancient and modern Egypt.
Photography, after twenty years, still fascinates my and gives me a chance to communicate visually as a universal language beyond all frontiers.
Ferdinand de Lesseps.

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