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Florica Prevenda, an established Romanian contemporary artist, presents a series of paintings “Somewhere in Time” which invites us to slow down the crazy pace of our current lives, to take refuge in nature and in a world that we can idealize.
Immersed in her childhood, Florica Prevenda creates a space filled with nostalgia and imbued with the sublime, drawing inspiration from the bucolic landscapes of the Romanian countryside.
Organic and raw structures, straddling figurative art and abstract art, generate images full of drama and textures such as this field of flowers displaying infinite nuances of color in the diffuse and shimmering light of an after -sunny midday.

1959 Born, Dor Marunt, Calarasi, Romania
1984 Graduated, George Enescu University of Art, Iasi, Romania
Associate professor at the University of Arts, Bucharest (1993-1997)
Lives and works in Bucharest

Solo exhibitions:
2023 AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2023 Mountainous Banat Museum, Reșița, Romania
2023 Constanța Art Museum, Constanța, Romania
2021 Contemporary Art Center “Colonia Pictorilor”, Baia Mare, Romania
2021 AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2019 Hangar, Brussels
2017-2018 Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest
2017 National Art Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania
2017 Romnian Cultural Institute, London
2016 Romanian Cultural Institute, Vienna
2016 Annart Gallery, Bucharest
2016 Arielle d’Hauterives Gallery, Brussels
2016 National Museum of Art, Chisinau
2014 The Art Museum of Timisoara, Romania
2014 AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2013 National Art Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania
2011 National Art Museum, Cluj, Romania
2010 Arcade24 Gallery, Bistrita, Romania
2010 Herina Church, Herina, Romania
201o Arthus Gallery, Brussels
2008 Mogosoaia Museum, Bucharest, Romania
2007 M.I.A., Milano, Italy
2004 Galerie Het Dijkstoelhuis, Wageningen, The Netherlands
2004 Arthus Gallery, Brussels
2004 Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
2002 Galerie Het Dijkstoelhuis, Wageningen, The Netherlands
2002 FNV Kiem, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2001 Arthus Gallery, Brussels
2000 Galerie Lamber, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
1999 Arthus Gallery, Brussels
1999 The National Musum of Art, Bucharest
1997 Artexpo Gallery, Etaj 3/4 , Bucharest
1996 European Commission (Rotonde), Brussels
1996 Mural painting, Granvillar, France
1992 Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

Selected group exhibitions:
2022 National Contemporary Art Museum, Bucarest
2022 ARCUB, Bucharest
2021 International Biennial of Painting, Chișinău
2021 Art Safari, Bucharest
2021 Art Museum, Constanta, Romania
2020 Literaturmuseum Romantikerhaus, Jena, Germany
2020 Contemporary National Art Museum, Bucharest
2019 Visual Art Center, Bucharest
2018 European Parliament, Bruxelles
2018 Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair
2018 Contemporary National Museum of Art, Bucharest
2018 Literature National Museum, Bucharest
2018 Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania
2018 National Museum Cotroceni, Bucharest
2018 Art Museum, Constanta, Romania
2017 Kallo Gallery, Tirana
2017 «Colonia Pictorilor», Baia-Mare, Romania
2017 Centrul Artelor Vizuale, Bucuresti
2017 National Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania
2015 National Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC), Bucharest
2015 C.A.R. – Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany
2015 Art Safari, Bucharest
2015 Katzen Art Center, Washington
2014 National Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC), Bucharest
2014 AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2014 Cultural Center, Mielec, Poland
2013 AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2013 Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
2013 Galerie Arielle d`Hauterives, Brusells
2013 Galerie Oben, Chemnitz, Germany
2013 BWA Sokol, Contemporary Art Gallery, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2012 Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 BWA Sokol, Contemporary Art Gallery, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2011 Palace of Arts Society of Friends of Fine Arts, Crakow, Poland
2010 Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2010 Slide Room Gallery, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, Canada
2010 Parcours d`Artistes, Brussels
2010 Patricia Munoz Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2010 Romanian Cultural Institute, London
2010 Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv
2009 Peninsula Arts Gallery, University of Plymouth, England
2009 Kralingen Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Spatio di Teatro “Senza Quinte” Olbia, Italy
2009 Negreşti – Oaşi Museum, Negreşti – Oaşi, Romania
2009 National Center of Contemporary Art, Bucharest
2009 Kralingen Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Spatio di Teatro “Senza Quinte” Olbia, Italy
2009 Palac Sztuki Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2009 Ground Gallery, Windsor, Canada
2009 Mistlin Gallery, Modesto,California, USA
2009 Shan Alam Gallery, Malaysia
2008 Galleria G 28, Pallazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
2008 Circolo Arcimontorio, Verona, Italy
2008 Performance,Space of Contemporary Art, Chelsea, New York, USA
2008 Oravska Gallery Dolnim Kubinie, Slovakia
2008 Palace of Arts, Lvov, Ukraine
2008 Art exhibition Office, Rzeszow, Poland
2008 Palace of Arts, Baia Mare, Romania
2007 WTC Art Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2007 Art Museum, Constanta, Romania
2007 Gallery of the House of an Artist, Warsaw
2007 PROFIL, Gallery of Modern Art, Poznan, Poland
2007 Art Exhibition Office,Olsztyn, Poland
2007 National Art Gallery , Bratislava
2007 Gallery of Modern Art, Kolobrzeg, Poland
2007 The Castle of Pomeranian Princes, Szczecin, Poland
2007 Palac Sztuki Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2007 Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Zakopane, Poland
2006 Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest
2006 Art Museum Constanta, Romania
2006 International Biennial Exhibition, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2005 Centrul Muzeal “Mogosoaia”, Romania
2004 Het Dijkstoelhuis Gallery, Wageningen, The Netherlands
2004 “Constantin Brancusi” Center, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2004 DAP Gallery, Warsaw
2003 Kralingen Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2003 Galerie BWA, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2003 “Constantin Brancusi” Center, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2003 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania
2003 Palac Stuki Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2003 Art Museum Bacau, Romania
2002 Het Dijkstoelhuis Gallery, Wageningen, The Netherlands
2002 International Biennial Exhibition, Now Sacz, Poland
2001 Heinolan Taidemuseum, Finland
2001 “De Kopgroep”, Lamber Gallery, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
2000 “Common Sense 2000”, Berenberg, Germany
2000 “Frozen Moments”, Lamber Gallery, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
2000 “Velico Tarnovo 2000”, Velico Tarnova, Bulgaria
2000 Atelierroute Regio Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1999 Holland Art Fair, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
1999 Marga Kramer Gallery, Ilsselstein, The Netherlands
1999 Arthus Gallery, Brussels
1999 „Artistes de Bucarest“, Mussee Ianchelevici, La Louvière, Belgium
1999 Escape Gallery, Deventer, The Netherlands
1998 Palatul Parlamentului, Bucharest
1998 Escape Gallery, Deventer, The Netherlands
1995 “L’Aigle de Nice”, Grand Prix International des Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Nice et de la région Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur, France
1995 Covalenco Galley, Geldrop, The Netherlands
1995 “Rives 95. Exposition Peintures Sculptures” C.N.B.D.I. (Centre national de la bande dessinée et de l’image), Angoulême, France
1995 « 24 Peintres et Sculpteurs Contemporains. Itinéraires au de là des voyages » Maureen O’Hare Wolson Gallery, Grenoble, France
1994 “St. Quentin 4-mx Biennale Internationale du Pastel”, Espace Saint-Jacques, Saint-Quentin, France
1994 Eröffnun der Ausstellung „hinter den 7 Meeren“ Landesvertretung von Anhalt, Bonn, Germany
1994,1997 “Romanian Contemporary Art“, Agial Gallery, Beiruth
1994 Hungarian Cultural Centre, Bucharest
1993 Latin American Cultural Centre, Bucharest
1993 “Common Sense” Bernburg, Germany
1993 Efehaus Gallery, Wernigerode, Germany
1993 Caisse d’Epargne Gallery, Belfort, France
1992 “Artist of Europe” Efehaus Gallery, Wernigerode, Germany
1992,1993 “Künstler des Plenair in Wernigerode – hinert den 7 Meeren”,Wernigerode, Germany
1989 The Youth Biennial, Sofia
1989 Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
1988 Municipiului Gallery, Bucharest
1986 Eforie Gallery, Bucharest

Awards & Prizes:
2021 Diploma of excellence awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Moldova at the International Painting Biennial in Chișinău
2015 The Award for Painting 2014, Romania
2011 Honorary Award granded by the Director of Malopolska Cultural Center SOKOL in Nowy Sacz, Poland
2010 Grand Prize Bucharest
2006 Jury price of the Biennial Exhibition, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2005 Awarded the “Order of the Knights for Culture” by the Romanian President
2003 Top Prize for Painting, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
1995 The Municipality prize for young artists, Bucharest
1992 U.A.P. (Union of Romanian Artists) `s Youths Prize, Romania
1991 “Dominus” Prize for Painting, Bucharest
1989,1990 Prize for Painting at the Youth Exhibition, Artexpo, Bucharest
1986-1988 “Theodor Aman” Grant for Painting, Bucharest
1986 U.A.P Grant for Painting, Romania

2022 “Brâncuși Workshops” Internațional Symposion, Runcu, Romania
2015 Baia-Mare, Romania
2014 Baia-Mare, Romania
2013 Nowy-Sancz, Poland
2012 Lepsea, Romania
2008 Negresti-Oas, Romania
2001 Varna, Bulgaria
2000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
1994 Wernigerode, Germany
1993 Belfort, France
1993 Wernigerode, Germany
1992 Tescani, Romania

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