Giorgio Romani

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The new series I am working on is dedicated to those forms belonging to the Greek and Latin tradition. I decided to explore this huge heritage to understand where the shapes that belong to me the most come from. For the project I also chose to use exclusively green olive wood burl and turkey oak from my homeland that is where now I came back to live.

I usually come across the material along the fields of olive trees where the owners have decided for various reasons to remove these wonderful trees or in the woods dedicated to cutting firewood. Often the scenario I find myself in front of is quite similar, the atmosphere I breathe the same, a mix of feelings between the discovery and the sadness that comes to me walking through the rubble of the barbarism that has taken place and that those fallen trees testify. What I feel is the responsibility to denounce what I have lived and try to give these monuments of time their lives back through my aesthetic vision.
I have devoted myself for sixteen years to the various aspects of woodturning both as a business and an art form, I have always found it as a personal way to research a balance between my inner shapes and what nature communicates to me. This connection between human and nature is the real driving force of all my production today.

My work starts exploring the physical aspect of the material in order to find the shape in which both we can emerge and express ourselves together. I am constantly looking for how a form can interact, share, and fill the space around it and how its presence can achieve a meaning in it. My works are a direct reflection of my personal experience through all those elements of culture, literature, music and figurative arts that my spirit feeds on.

Today I spend most of my time drawing and expressing myself in the making of contemporary artworks such as vessels and hollow forms, but I also continue to devote myself to the creation of unique furniture items and other sculptural pieces. Apart from that I take some time out to teach through individual classes.

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