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Hanna Heino is a Finnish artist dedicated to contemporary ceramics and abstract paintings. Her artworks bind us deeply to the ground allowing the light and shadows wander through the curves, like in our natural surroundings.

After working fifteen years in the fields of interior design, civil engineering and visual marketing, she established her own studio in 2019 and has thenceforth truly committed to her artwork.

Creativity has been part of her life since childhood when she got her first touch in ceramics and classical painting. Growing up in the countryside, surrounding snowy hills and blooming fields have influenced her in ways which still are solidly present in her work.

“The feeling that I can hold on to freedom to create is one of the major values in my life.

I sense that the creative expression provides me an opportunity to revive the things I can’t find the words for, my inner evolves visible.”

“Occasionally I draw sketches but my working processes are an accumulation of emotions, experiences and pure intuition. The artworks are growing along the journey into organic forms and lively surfaces. To discover the finest material combinations, I constantly pursue experiments, which is one of my primary working methods. Using different textures gives me the opportunity to bring subtle variety to my art.”

“For me, it is important to respect the materials and I want to emphasize the beauty of raw clay by keeping it in the center. I love to wander in nature, collect branches, stones and get impressions of purity and calmness. Constantly evolving organisms and soft subdued shades are also reflected in my works. I believe that the small diversities in tones and forms give vibrancy while leaving room for genuine material and making it easily approachable.

I find it important to work sustainably, recycle all the excess, minimize water use and favor local resources and suppliers.

​”I believe that art can be a fulfilling experience in the spaces we dwell in and I hope I can reach something special with my creations.”

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