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Natural Art by Hilde Trip
The inexhaustible forms and color richness of nature is the source of Hilde Trip’s unique art.

Each season offers an infinite amount of seeds, leaves, feathers, tree bark and all sorts of grasses that she collects and processes into ‘Natural Art’ in the form of wall objects.

Having grown up on her parents’ farm where the rhythm of sowing, growing and harvesting was a matter of course, she now focuses more consciously on what nature has to offer.

It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and challenge. Hilde permanently captures the diverse shapes and colors in frames and arranges them in repeating patterns. It requires great concentration which she experiences as calming and sometimes even meditative. She empowers the viewer to shift their focus and look at nature with different eyes! Her work evokes both tranquility and dynamics, wonder and admiration.

By recreating nature in a lasting work of art, the ordinary is elevated to beauty… of a different order without compromising its purity.

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