Lars Physant

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Danish painter born in Copenhagen in 1957. Lives and works in Barcelona since 1994. His conceptual expression has its roots in naturalism and realism (in the 80’s he was called “Eckersberg pupil” (Danish painter 1783-1853).
“Introspective naturalism” and “United divided reality” are concepts of his artistic project within the visual expression of painting. He has persistently researched from his early youth within the fusion of realism and abstraction. He describes the concept of his latest works as “Simultaneous perception” and “Contrapunctual realism”. They focus on the visual perception itself and should be considered in pure painting as a parallel expression to that of Peter Greenaway within cinema and video art, therefore assuming the fragmentation and complexity of XXI century as a challenge to artistic articulation. He works with acrylics and oil painting on canvas on wood structures.
During the 30 years of his artistic career his paintings have been exhibited in galleries, museum and institutions in many European countries. He has created works for books by authors such as J.R.R., Tolkien and Federico García Lorca, as well as books inspired by Rome. He is also dedicated to portrait painting and religious art.

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