Nadine Dewart Meeus

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Nadine Dewart, a Belgian artist born in Canada in 1968 and living in Brussels, has developed her imagination through travels and professional experiences around the world.

Her artistic approach is based on a formal research, a desire to explore different media, styles, materials… The common thread: paper, 3D and sewing on canvas.

From monochrome to black and white, the artist’s palette has gradually opened up to different colours and textures (plastic, velvet, leather). All new exploration attracts her: from portraits made in collages and seams, to the weaving of silk paper or geometric shapes with structured compositions, she likes to play with codes and pushes research and discovery ever further.

Her work of weaving silk paper presents a reflection on a rigorous minimalism contrasting with the fragility of the material used. These are bands of different widths interlaced to build an instinctive geometric composition. The canvas is wrapped until it finds what the artist considers the balance of the composition. There is a 3D effect with the overlapping of the bands. The final touch is the embroidery that is added as a signature. Each work is unique.

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