Olga Sabko

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Photo credits: Vasylyna Vrublevska
Video credits: Misha Zavalniy

Olga Sabko was born in 1990 in Kyiv, Ukraine. She began by studying graphic arts at the National Technical University of Ukraine and then continued her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. There she studied sculpture, lithography and linocutting.

Her works are marked by uncertainty. The Ukrainian artist shapes her sculptures without a precise idea of ​​the final result. They are the product of an encounter between the artist and the material. These Shapes of uncertainty are the expression of a movement and show, without pretension of truth, a still unfinished process of reflection. They reflect the state of blurred vision at first glance, when shapes are not yet perfectly recognized. The viewer is invited to discover the sculpture from different angles and with several plays of light in order to always understand it in a new way.

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