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Palolo Valdès. Né en 1956 à Santiago de Chili.
Présent dans de nombreuses collections publiques et privées à travers le monde, Pablo Valdès est un artiste à la renommée internationale.
Son oeuvre est caractéristique de la génération d’artistes avantgarde
des années quatre-vingt utilisant un procédé technique de “déstructuration” de la matière. A travers une vision contemporaine, Valdès se plait à revisiter l’âge préhistorique, les civilisations mésopotamiennes et grecques. La pierre, le métal et la céramique chargés en force et en énergie donnent vie à deux créatures dominant son oeuvre. Le cheval incarne l’individualité et la noblesse.
Le taureau quant à lui symbolise l’instinct pur et puissant.
Un art volcanique, où la matière première est sublimée pour traduire toute la force et la vélocité de l’animal.
2010 Arthus Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2008 Galerie Vivendi, Paris, France
Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris, France
Galerie Mark Hachem, New York, USA
2007 Galerie Vivendi, Paris, France
Galerie Mark Hachem, New York, USA
2006 Galerie Vivendi, Paris, France
Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris, France
2005 Galerie Vivendi, Paris, France
Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris, France
1992 FIVE Chileans represent the country in Kassel Germany.
1994 First Place for Vitrubiano I for the front Building Santiago 2000.
1996 First Place for the Public sculpture in Tupakamaro SQUARE IN Sucre Bolivia.
2000 First Place for wall sculpture Palladio’s Building in Santiago.
2004 First Place competition Indomita Vinegards Casablanca Chile.
Expressing with a handful of photos the work of so many years, is a real selection deed. They have here an autobiographical rescue character. More than products they are pieces of existence, ways of doing, between objectives and resources.
The works are skins soaked in the environment, in the spirit of their times. Arranging them has a double purpose: to string these pieces together and put them in the historical loom, knowing what it was, what it is…to glimpse what is coming.
Different fruits from the same tree in the workshop have been picked up and, in order to arrange them somehow, they are presented here as blocks, as series.
When I was not a boy or an adult, the life full of trophies- a dry leaf, a copy book, a kiss, lots of adventures that filled my pockets in the evenings needed a table to empty them, a proper space that also guaranteed my arrogant independence.
Shaping and painting was a licence to live.
Picking up a piece of clay, hitting it and kneading it, stretching and shrinking, submitting it to the edge of a determined shape; or, drawing the space with wire, making a stone spin on a board, compose it with another one, in harmonic counterpoints being the spectator of a lot of possible shapes until defining one, among multiple interpretations, but one at last. The one chosen in frozen with liquid metals, it is considered done and it is seen off. It is a trip. I am the vehicle. I prepared the road and decide where to go. I work. I govern. I work… I am the king of life…liked that!
Not everything is rose-coloured and to see its colour and soft petals, there are its black and prickly branches.
Life is a harmony of contrasts. From the warm and dark uterus humidity to the lights dry scream. Years have gone by in the workshop among ups and downs.
More than new shapes or modern conceptual approaches, they are ways of doing, ways of facing a physical and specific issue, looking for the shortest ways with elements to hand. These are found without looking for them, not by chance, but by causality.
Just like springtime comes after winter every year, in the daily work ideas are born in the act and they are threaded in spirals, directed by the self criticism sense that comes after what was lives and with the work; the skill.
The current work comes after the sum of the above. The topic, usually distant, is secondary, insisting in certain shapes.
As daily exercises that make and develop a body, an individual vision. A way of making that implies a way of being; to study until the chance to do something comes of for the biggest event in my live, death.
Palolo Valdès
Santiago, September 1991

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