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Born in Avignon. Settled in Goa since 20 years. Lived in Paris. Spent time in Tokyo, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. Beautiful days in Brussels. Winter in Venice.
Late summer in Rome. Sardinia’s calling. Feel home in Mumbai. Love Lisbon and Madrid.

The future of creation is based on light. When it comes to what I feel, I see things differently from others. These words have disappeared from the publications of art, architecture, travel : beauty, magic, enchantment, and also serenity, mystery, silence, privacy, inspiration, astonishment. All this found territory in my works.

My work is immersive : it envelops the viewer in an imaginary space and proposes a new sensory escape. It appears as a sort of reality that extends beyond oneself, or as a sculpture becoming an environment that connects the dimension of habitat. To get out of the frame and get into space is the meaning of my work.

I believe, I’m very much into magic and tales. I’m probably the biggest fan of magic realism there is. I don’t believe in escapism, fantasy, I believe in the magic that is just there.

My creations are in direct dialogue with the environment. This environment can also be seen as the political, historical and social context. The light pixels that I use in my works make possible a new aesthetic, a new questioning linked to a new mode of perception creating a relation with natural environment, light and space. True beauty is moving.

I am interested in those ideas that extend us out and change the reality of the sense of territory that we as humans have. I have an interest in the invisible light, the light perceptible only in the mind… through my sculptures and art installation I want to address the light that we see in dreams.

Space becomes art when one creates consciously or unconsciously an aesthetic emotion in the atmosphere and when this environment produces a feeling of connection. My installation gives more than just a work to look at, it’s a place to dream… feel… being a part of something special.

Yahel Chirinian

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