From 15 November 2019 to 24 December 2019

ASTRID DAHL ceramics, BIBI VAN DER VELDEN wearable works of art, GILLES LORIN photography, MANARDU woodcrafts, PAOLO MARCOLONGO glass art,














































Paolo Marcolongo

www.paolomarcolongo.com Born in Padua in 1956, he attended the Art High School “Pietro Selvatico”, and then he studied sculpture at

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Astrid Dahl

“The natural white of this clay quite simply, works for me. We are really down to ‘truth to material’ and

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Bayakha collective

The purpose of Bayakha Collective is to curate and sell rare and unique objects from Southern Africa. The collection exhibits

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Mdukatshani is a collective of highly skilled makers. Craftsmen and women specialized in weaving copper and other metal wires. The

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Yahel Chirinian

VISUAL ARTIST ENVIRONMENTAL ART & SCENOGRAPHY Born in Avignon. Settled in Goa since 20 years. Lived in Paris. Spent time

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Gilles Lorin

PHOTOGRAPHER, ALCHEMIST & PRINTMAKER www.gilleslorin.com Serenity. The latest photographs by the French artist Gilles Lorin from his series “Portraits of

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Bibi van der Velden

BIBI VAN DER VELDEN Jeweller and sculptor Bibi van der Velden was born in New York, and had a peripatetic,

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